According to Us Weekly, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are currently in Hawaii working on a new screenplay. If true, this will be the duo's first script written together since they won Oscars for Good Will Hunting almost ten years ago. In the past decade, neither has done much professional writing. Damonwas credited as a co-writer on Gus Van Sant'sGerryand Affleck just co-wrote his feature directorial debut, Gone, Baby, Gone. Obviously no details are given on the script, so we have to just imagine what it will be like. Personally, I'm hoping it's a realization of that sequel to Good Will Hunting (Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season) that we got a hint of in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. Actually, I'm sort of kidding, but I can't honestly imagine any other idea would be better for the guys. Nothing else will live up to the anticipation and the definite hype that audiences will endure up until it is released. So, why not just do something silly?

A lot of people, including the editors at Premiere, consider Good Will Hunting to be highly overrated. I'm far from being one of them, though I have to admit I would rather have seen Paul Thomas Anderson get the Oscar in 1998 (others may have favored Academy regulars Woody Allen or James L. Brooks that year). Awards aside, though, I like the 'forced premise' and formulaic structure of the film. However, I probably buy the Will Hunting character and his story because Matt Damon's performance makes him so convincing. I don't think the duo will have as much luck with their next script unless Damon again takes a lead role. Anyway, Us has an amusing photo up of Affleck and Damon taking a surfing break while out in Hawaii. Maybe they're actually doing research for their script. Maybe while in California Will Hunting has become an avid surfer. Maybe we will get a Good Will Hunting sequel after all.

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