How would you like to know everything about the next Indiana Jones movie (possibly titled Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods) before you see it in theaters next summer? If you keep up with all the reports coming from the film's set, you may just get that. Well, no, that can't be possible; Spielberg and Lucas have to be doing their best to keep enough secrets from us bloggers and location spies. Still, we've gotten a few goods from the shoot in New Haven (like these photos and this photo and this info about the next shooting location) -- not that any of them really give anything away. The latest such goodie is word that a church in New Haven will be used for a wedding scene. According to the New Haven Register (via IGN), the church will only provide exterior shots for the wedding while the interiors of the actual wedding scene will be shot in Hollywood (probably on a tightly closed studio set).

Once again we have a rumor of a hint of a bit of the film's plot, but we really know little. We don't know who is getting hitched, whether Indiana or his son or someone else. And I'm guessing that we won't know even when the exteriors are filmed. I can't imagine that if one of the main characters is the person getting married that Paramount would let such a plot point be visible to just anyone watching the shoot. I'm sure that some spies will be around, though, so we can find out soon enough. For those of us with no patience, there will hopefully be some new photos. The production is scheduled to finish up in New Haven tomorrow.

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