Although good ol' Mel Gibson might have stirred up controversy over his accuracy with Apocalypto, he made many Christians happy with his treatment of Jesus in Passion of the Christ, so it's no wonder that a Polish priest is looking at the filmmaker to make a biopic on his life. And what makes the news even sweeter -- it's a pretty wacky priest to boot! Like attracts like, I guess. Who better to tackle controversy than a man who's no stranger to it himself? The Age is reporting that Polish priest Henryk Jankowski is trying to get Gibson to film his life story because Mel is "a great man and an honest Catholic."

By "honest," I can't help but wonder if that's due to anti-Semitic rumblings. See, while Jankowski is a Catholic priest who opposed the communist government in the 80's, he's also stirred up his own controversy for what many say are anti-semitic comments -- ones that got him suspended from preaching for a year. Me, I'm kind of hoping that Mel does take on the project, because this priest is definitely one of a kind. He has this Henryk Jankowski Institute, and according to The Age, there is a plan for "Jankowski T-shirts, cigarette-lighters and other gadgets to help finance a potential film." But this isn't the first priestly merch to hit the market. He has his own brand of wine called Monsignore, he's planning to open bars across Poland and he's even planning his own perfume line. It's so strange that it doesn't seem real. Jankowski says that Gibson is "a distinguished artist. His Passion was a real masterpiece." What are the chances that the priest expects some sort of epic film in the same vein as Passion? I mean, the man definitely idolizes himself to some degree, with all the merch and all. I don't know about you, but this is one train wreck I have to see.
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