So I sent my wife out to a 7-Eleven by my apartment yesterday in hopes there would be something Simpsons-related left for me to devour, and all she came back with was two cans of Buzz Cola and a couple of weird twisty straws. Looks like this is going to be tougher than I thought. Anyone manage to grab a Radioactive Man comic? How is it? Can you send me one? While the 7-Eleven/Quik-E-Mart promotion has been the talk of the town this week, some more news regarding plot for The Simpsons Movie has arrived via The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently, a 10-minute clip of the film was recently screened in London and a majority of the scenes suggested the film will carry plenty of environmental and religious themes. Not to mention there's one scene featuring Bart's private area.

Although folks have been talking up Bart's so-called full frontal nudity for quite some time now, some have suggested that you don't actually see anything. Instead, all the talk was more of a marketing ploy to get people in seats. Well, according to The Hollywood Reporter, that's definitely not the case. In describing the scene, they note (possible spoilers ahead): "Perhaps the biggest laugh was for Bart, who skateboards through town naked after being challenged to do so by Homer. After a series of scenes where strategically-placed extras and props protect his modesty, the audience gets a full view of his private parts through a gap in a hedge." Poor Bart. Speaking at a post-screening Q&A, Matt Groening said he expects some people to be a tad miffed by what they see. "In America there's someone willing to pretend to be offended by everything and so we annoy people and that's part of the appeal," he said. "It's to entertain people and also to annoy a certain segment of the audience as well."

Apart from the brief nudity, Simpsons family members will also be tackling some of the world's more pressing issues. For example, the band Green Day is booed by Springfield residents when it starts talking about the environment following a performance. Also, Lisa becomes a green campaigner and gives a lecture called 'An Irritating Truth,' based on Al Gore's Oscar-winning doc An Inconvenient Truth. But that's just the tip of the melting iceberg; I'm sure there's a lot more heading our way when The Simpsons Movie lands in theaters on July 27.

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