Like many others, I was disappointed with Resident Evil: Apocalypse. Yet, I still look forward to Resident Evil: Extinction. Why? Because Milla Jovovich is still the hottest action heroine, regardless of how bad the movie she's kicking ass in. And with Highlander (and, um, Highlander II: The Quickening) director Russell Mulcahy taking over for the third installment, the thing could have possibly been a guilty pleasure even if Milla hadn't returned. Fortunately she has, and of course she looks pretty good (maybe a teensy weensy too butch) in the pics and the teaser trailer we've seen so far. The first poster, though? Why does she have to be in silhouette? This new international poster is more like it -- even if she does look more scary than sexy.

One thing that is odd about the poster is how it features the mock Statue of Liberty from the New York, New York Casino in the background. It gives the impression that RE:E takes place in a desert-covered New York rather than a wiped-out Las Vegas. The domestic poster at least shows more of the destroyed casinos and even includes the city's famous sign. I should stop criticizing the poster, though, because just looking at it makes me think the new genetically engineered version of Alice (Jovovich) is going to come after me with that giant blade. Resident Evil: Extinction finishes out the trilogy of the video game adaptation starting September 21.

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