Sometimes finding five trailers with a common theme is like searching for substance in a Pauly Shore movie; it just ain't gonna happen. My only criteria for this week is that the movies in question are ones that I'm personally looking forward to. It's Films With Promise week on Trailer Park.

Admittedly, films of giant monsters demolishing large urban areas are an acquired taste. I'm still a big fan of many (though certainly not all) of Godzilla's movies, and D-War appears to be in the tradition of The Big G, only the stuntmen in rubber monsters suits have been replaced with CGI. The trailer is narrated in Korean, but the dialogue, and presumably the film itself, is in English. The mayhem looks pretty cool, with a giant snake creature obviously being our star, as well as some winged dragon types (presumably that's what the D stands for), and there are some flashbacks to what appears to be ancient Korea. D-War comes to us from the same production company that gave us the critically acclaimed The Host (which sadly I still haven't seen), but according to Peter Martin's posting back on June 5, this film will be seeing a much wider U.S. release.

This one reminds me quite a bit of Garden State, since it has a young male protagonist trying to work his way through the unreality of his own world and finding love along the way. After breaking up with his girlfriend a young man finds he can no longer sleep and takes a job in a grocery store to fill the extra eight hours. After several weeks of sleeplessness he begins to fantasize that he can stop time (at least I assume he's fantasizing). There are some interesting scenes of him moving the time-frozen store patrons around like mannequins, and removing their clothes so he can sketch them. Looks fun and just a bit trippy. Here's Kim Voynar's review of the film, and you can check out the trailer right here: