Yes, I'm a Sopranos fan like you and I think the same thing every time I hear this particular musical mentioned. Anyway, Jim Hill, who has a lot of knowledge of goings-on at Disney, is reporting that the Mousehouse is pushing forward with plans to take the Tony-winning Broadway musical (adapted from the Verdi opera of the same name) to the big screen. For those who haven't seen Aida, it's a tale set in ancient Egypt, revolving around a love story between an Egyptian Army captain named Radames and one of his female Nubian captives, Aida. The play is completely unseen by me, but I've heard once or twice from people who've seen it that it's very cinematic.

Jim Hill says the Disney movie offices are "abuzz lately with the news that Walt Disney Studios is seriously thinking about turning DT's earlier production, Aida, into a big budget movie musical. And just who would play the title role in the film version of this Elton John musical, you ask? Would you believe Beyonce? The Mouse is reportedly in talks with this pop diva, trying to convince Ms. Knowles to make Aida her follow-up project to Dreamgirls." Hill also reminds us that Disney bought the rights to a storybook version of the Verdi opera way back in 1990 for the sole purpose of using some of its ideas as grist for a feature film. This all makes sense to me -- I'd expect to hear about a firm deal sooner rather than later, especially considering how well Dreamgirls was received by the public.

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