I debated whether or not to even publish this -- rarely have two men had less to say about a subject. But nevertheless, Paul Haggis and Marc Forster did take a few questions at LAFF about their upcoming collaboration on the still-untitled Bond 22. Asked to speak in general about his commitment to the project and why he turned down an offer to direct, Haggis said: "I just didn't want to dedicate that much time. It's going to take me six months to get the script into shape as it is." Ouch -- that's a little harsh, no? Is he saying the script turned in by Purvis and Wade was subpar? That would be hard to believe -- those guys are getting hired all over the place. Haggis also took a swipe at the notion of this new film being a direct sequel to Casino Royale: "I wouldn't describe it as such," he said. "I think it's going to stand on its own although it does follow right on the heels of Casino Royale."

As for Forster, he brushed off the notion that he's already steeped in preparations for his Bond effort. "To be honest, I haven't put any thought because really, my mind is in The Kite Runner and scoring and finishing that up," he said. "I haven't spent any time with that stuff. I wish I could tell you. Maybe in a later period." Someone followed up that statement with the completely redundant question about whether or not he's found a Bond girl yet. "I think finding Bond girls will always be an interesting task but again, not something I have dealt with at this point," he said. Looks like we're getting ahead of ourselves a bit -- Forster isn't quite ready to put on the Bond hat yet. But soon.

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