That crazy Ebert -- you never know what he's going to pull next. Last night I flipped by his site, and for a moment I thought I had time-traveled back to last October, since there's a glowing, four-star review of The Departed splashed on the page. There's a disclaimer over it that notes: "I was ill when The Departed was released last year, and given its Oscar-winning stature, I wanted to double back and review it." Hmm ... okay, fair enough, but shouldn't you also have to go back and review Blood and Chocolate, and movies like that? Guess not. Ebert was also around to review Transformers this week, and had the following to say about that: "'Now I have fans who say, 'We are so sorry, Michael Bay, you still suck but we love you.' That's what the director of Transformers told Simon Ang during an interview in Seoul. He could have been speaking for me." Ouch -- looks like he's starting to get his mojo back.

What other signs of a revitalized Ebert are to be found on the site? Let's see -- there's a new Answer Man that I assume was written by him and not his minions, a tribute to his colleague Joel Siegel who died recently from the same disease that he is still struggling with, and even a reemergence of his propensity for extraneous liberal commentary, with some kind of cartoonish parody of an Ann Coulter-Chris Matthew Hardball interview. I have no idea if we can expect this level of output going forward, or if most of this was saved-up and published at once, but it seems safe to say that Ebert is moving closer to getting back into the regular swing of things. Let's hope.

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