The most fascinating part of this newly-released trailer for Gone, Baby, Gone is that at no point do they advertise the fact that Ben Affleck directed. Yup, Ben Affleck. And for those of you wondering where the hell Affleck has disappeared to, well, he's been off piecing together what looks to be a gem of a film. Based on a Dennis Lehane (Mystic River) novel, Gone, Baby, Gone tells the story of a little girl who goes missing and the intense (but possibly corrupt) police investigation that follows. Affleck seems right at home with this flick (literally), as it's shot in Boston and stars his kid brother, Casey (in a role that will either make or break his career as a lead actor). I guess you can say I came away with a Good Will Hunting meets The Departed vibe, and if the film excels in one particular area, it's in the acting.

Right off the bat, Ed Harris looks phenomenal (as always) in the role of Detective Remy Broussard. Morgan Freeman also shows up hoping to deliver another solid performance. I love Freeman just as much as the next guy, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that he's beginning to bore me just a bit. Michelle Monaghan stars as the worried girlfriend who's there to cough out lines like, "I think you're getting in a little too over your head." Amy Madigan plays the missing girl's mother in a supporting role that's about as juicy as they come. Also showing up in one way, shape or form are John "Taggart" Ashton and Robert "The Other, Other Brother" Wahlberg. I have to say the film looks pretty damn good, and not what I would expect from Affleck's first directorial effort (he also co-wrote the script along with Aaron Stockard). Let us know what you think; Gone, Baby, Gone hits theaters on October 19.