Don't tell 20th Century Fox, but Cinematical is currently arranging to rent a hot air balloon and fly it over the Australia set so that we can get some exclusive footage of the action down there. More on that to come. For now, here are some new shots of the action, which has apparently gone ocean-bound, courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes. The pics were apparently shot in the waters around Darwin, Australia, a key filming area for the production. Unfortunately, RT was not able to piece together exactly which sequence is being filmed here, and not enough of the plot has leaked for me to do it myself, so we'll have to just let our imaginations do the work. It's basically a bunch of shots of Nicole Kidman in her period garb as the English aristocrat Lady Sarah Ashley, being ferried around by some common Aussie folk.

In most of the shots, she's standing under the shade of a dainty umbrella that's held by a male companion. The man has microphone cords falling out of his sleeve, and if you look closely, you can see that he's also wearing some kind of ear-piece. I guess he's receiving constant instructions from Baz Luhrmann not to let the sun come in direct contact with Kidman's alabaster skin, lest she burst into flames and cause serious problems for the production. In a couple of shots, she's holding the umbrella herself and seems to be pointing down at something in the water below -- a shark? With all the attention this film is getting, it seems like Fox would be well-served by getting the marketing machine in gear early -- get us a teaser or something to hold us over. What's the hold up?

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