Steve Alten's mega-shark tale is apparently dead in the water. It's been quite the journey for this property: Alten wrote the book Meg years ago and has babied it into becoming a workable film script ever since. First, Disney purchased the rights to make the film, then New Line purchased it from Disney, and as it turns out, New Line really doesn't want it anymore and will allow their ownership to expire come October of this year. Although a major setback, Alten presumably won't allow New Line to bite the head off the project completely.

Early news of Meg, the movie version,was brought to you by Scott Weinberg back in January. He's read the book -- I haven't; I already have a hard enough time getting in the water and can't stop reading Murakami -- and according to him, the book , "could make for a pretty slick movie!" He also noted that he wasn't sure if the extravagant budget would see the film all the way through production or if the entire project would sink. It apparently sunk. In Alten's announcement, via Moviehole, he seems somewhat beaten, declaring that New Line treated the project like an "unwanted stepchild," but his heart is still attached to seeing his book on the big screen one way or the other. As he says, "The MEG movie WILL HAPPEN and it is better to wait and do it right with the right team than accept mediocrity." I personally can't wait to see the film actually happen. If it's done right, I'll never go in the ocean again without a harpoon and a floaty.
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