I'll cut to the chase: here's what's been released over the weekend. Disney's Prince Caspian will have a major presence at ComicCon this year, unveiling a "special preview" of the film, that includes new footage coupled with a talk featuring the filmmakers. Many of the film's visual effects artists have RSVPd to attend this event, but so far it's unclear if the actors will be attending as well. We also learned that Iron Man will be putting together some kind of footage for the event, although it's not really clear how extensive that will be. We know that Paramount is reserving a two hour spot on Thursday to unspool who-knows-what for a bunch of films including Stardust, Hot Rod, and Beowulf, which I've been told is having a much bigger presence at the convention than is generally known so far. The Star Trek cast is expected to be unveiled, but when and how isn't clear yet. J.J. Abrams will attend ComicCon, as will Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau and Roger Avary. George Romero will also attend the convention and will hold a talk.

New Line Cinema will unveil special presentations of The Golden Compass and Shoot Em' Up, and I'd expect to see at least a polished trailer for the former, if not personal appearances by some of the actors, and so forth. There's a 30th Anniversary Star Wars event, but I'm clocking that as a pretty minor happening at this point. Kevin Smith will be on hand, giving one of his famous talks. The Simpsons Movie will have a panel that includes not only creators but also some of the voice actors, including Yeardley Smith. On the smaller side, the Alyssa Milano film Pathology is pulling out the stops, bringing the cast around for meet and greets. We've also previously told you to expect a big presence for the Ghost House release 30 Days of Night, including a panel and possibly a bunch of footage.