Ever since Keanu Reeves (thankfully) declined the part of Dr.Manhattan in Watchmen, we've all been dying to find out who is really going to fill the skin of the nuclear hero. Fans have been listing (on this site, anyway) names as unlikely as Jim Carrey (too famous), Doug Jones (not famous enough) and Daniel Craig (someone just wants to see him naked). The only name that seemed possible -- at least as possible as reported internet rumors go -- was Jason Patric, who had been listed as Dr. Manhattan on Filmick. But, wait! CHUD.com now has word that the blue, nude superhero will be played by Billy Crudup. And though this is only a report "from a very reliable source", it actually feels right to me. Sure, Patric is a good actor, too, but Crudup makes more sense if you really look at him in the photo CHUD has up, and he certainly better compliments the rest of the rumored cast of Patrick Wilson and Jude Law (and Jackie Earle Haley, Kate Winslet and Thomas Jane, maybe, too).

CHUD expects an announcement about Crudup and the rest of the cast to happen at ComicCon. Watchmen director Zack Snyder is scheduled to appear and discuss the movie on Friday, July 27, during Warner Bros.' film slate presentation, so if he can't clear up some of the casting decisions by then, the fans might go crazy on him. Seeing as how filming is supposed to begin in a couple months, some confirmations have to be given soon. CHUD thinks an official announcement may even come in the days leading up to the giant San Diego-set convention, but I would put my money on ComicCon being the first place to hear about it from the man's mouth. Until then, we will definitely be getting more of these rumors.

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