"I can guarantee you that there is some work being done with Superman right now." These are the beautiful words spoken by one of Bryan Singer's people to IESB.net last week. Now, after all the rumors and speculation that the sequel was delayed, canned or unlikely, we can finally rest, knowing that Singer is still planning on returning to Metropolis next summer to shoot The Man of Steel. IESB contacted Singer's camp in order to question them about a Harvey Milk movie titled The Mayor of Castro Street, which Singer had reportedly been linked to. Actually, IESB was specifically referencing the producers of Castro Street, Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, who had flat out said Singer would be working on their film once he's done with Valkyrie. In addition to the statement above, the Singer source said Meron's and Zadan's statement is "total horse s#*%". They also pointed out that Man of Steel producers Gil Adler and Chris Lee are currently in Germany with Singer and the Valkyrie production. Apparently everyone is lax enough with the WWII drama to take meetings about Superman.

Even if you had a few problems with Superman Returns -- as I had -- you should be anticipating its sequel, The Man of Steel. Because there's always room for improvement, right? Sure, it will be fun to see Supes (played by Brandon Routh) in the Justice League movie, but it will be a lot better if we can get at least one more solo movie before then. I guess Warner Bros. could have gotten another director (as many of our readers would prefer), but since I was disappointed with the first X-Men and then totally loved X2, I personally think Singer needs to stay on. Maybe after being slightly disappointed with Superman Returns I will totally love The Man of Steel, too.

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