Hey, so who watched the never ending Live Earth concert on Saturday? It bothered me to no end that they would show one song from each artist, but I found another station which broadcast the full performances later that night. Honestly, out of all 150 or so performers, Linkin Park from Tokyo was probably my favorite. Did you see how jazzed the crowd was for that? Oh, and The Police, Genesis and Roger Waters stuff was fun to watch as well. But enough about the music, during the concert Jonathan Ross interviewed Chris Rock and Ricky Gervais who chose that time to announce a new film called Badge Buddies. Dark Horizons has video of their chat, in which Rock said of his controversial turn hosting the Oscars: "It's not good weed if you don't choke."

But about the film, Rock says he "wouldn't call it a buddy cop flick because we're not really buddies." In it, Gervais plays a cop whose partner is retired and so, for one reason or another, he winds up teamed up with Rock, an ex gang member. I imagine Chris Rock as an ex gang member would be like trying to watch Michael Cera play The Incredible Hulk. But I digress. Ross then compares the idea to Rush Hour, saying Rock is "like the Chris Tucker" character. The guys go back and forth on that one, eventually saying that it's "Rush Hour meets Shakespeare in Love." Now there's a comparison you don't see every day. The guys also tease a major twist (of which Gervais almost gives up) and say the flick will come out next year. While I love Gervais in pretty much everything, Rock irritates me to end. Plain and simple, the guy just can't act. Will working with a comedy genius help? I guess we'll see when Badge Buddies rolls into theaters in 2008.

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