Every once in a while, I wonder what's going on with John Landis. The man was popular cinema gold in the 80's -- at least for horror and comedy. There's Animal House, The Blues Brothers, Trading Places, Spies Like Us, ¡Three Amigos! and Coming to America on the funny side of things, not to mention Michael Jackson's mini-movie Thriller and of course, American Werewolf in London. Then the 90's hit, with Oscar, and things were never the same. While he's got a few films in the works that we can hope for, perhaps the better flick to look forward to is a new documentary on some old and loved material.

Horror writer Paul Davis has pulled together a documentary called Beware the Moon: Remembering 'An American Werewolf in London'. Using nine locations from the film, he interviewed practically everyone and covered production from its conception in '69 to its release in '81. (Their MySpace site says that this includes star David Naughton, but he's strangely missing from the IMDb appearance list.) If you head over to MySpace, you can also see a bunch of brief clips, to give you a feel for the doc and what they're chattering about, as well as a bare-bones teaser trailer and a slew of photos that include production shots and rare photos from the original film. But that's not all, the latest word from HorrorHound Weekend is that Universal Home Entertainment has picked up the distribution rights. While this is great for Davis' project, I imagine it could mean great things for the fans as well -- they have the rights to Werewolf too. This could mean a double-DVD set with the film and the doc, and maybe a new disc release with added features. For now you'll have to satiate yourself with the clips, unless Universal decides to get speedy -- all of the other release dates are in 2008.

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