These days, all Steven Spielberg news is in the form of a certain Indiana hero. Since news came that we were getting a new Indiana Jones sequel -- over a decade since the last one -- there's been all sorts of little morsels, including a tough-lookin' old Indy, a much weaker old-fartish Indy with his son, car chase footage -- you name it! But the film won't hit theaters until next year, so in the meantime, you Spielberg fans out there can catch a documentary on the director tonight over at Turner Classic Movies. However, from the sounds of it, it'll appeal mainly to the hardcore fans. While it's got some clips from old, classic movies, it's mostly Spielberg talking to himself, which can come off as flat (according to Jam!)...if you're not into that type of thing.

There's chatter about his films -- such as the reason why Jaws stays underwater in early scenes from the movie: "The shark not working when we needed it to work probably added $175 million to the box office, because I think what's scary about that movie is the unseen, not exactly what we see." And of course, he's got to talk about AI, and the claims that he wrecked Stanley Kubrick's film. He says they are unfounded, since the ending was in the first director's original storyboard. Beyond that, Jam! says that too much time was spent on his non-blockbuster movies like Empire of the Sun and The Terminal in "a clunky attempt to give those films more weight." So, basically, it sounds like half the DVD commentaries out there -- when it's one guy sitting around, talking about their own artistic achievements. So, you might want to multi-task while you watch -- get some chores done and take breaks when the flick sounds interesting.
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