When I first met director Scott Prendergast, he had just crammed a huge gumball into his mouth, and was struggling to speak and couldn't touch anything, due to the fact that he had sticky gumball residue all over his hands. He gave the universally renown sign for "Uhhh, I need one second" and went to the bathroom to wash his hands and masticate that gum a bit more.

Once he was back, with clean hands and a jaw working like a well-oiled piston, we talked about his film Kabluey, which I had just seen. The film is set in Austin, although according to Prendergast that's only because the Texas Film Commission had a pretty lucrative "shoot your film here!" program that he took advantage of, and the setting in Kabluey is meant to be Anytown, U.S.A. We'll have an interview with Prendergast soon, and I'll let him wax poetic about making the film then. For now, I'll let you know what I thought about it, and how it made me want to go out and get a big blue costume as well.
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