Earlier this morning, Ryan wrote an editorial about how Transformers nearly smashed the release window when it was rumored a few weeks back that the film would premiere on TV (for a price) at the same time it hit theaters. Obviously that didn't happen, but it served as a launching pad for Ryan to point out a number of things wrong with the current theatrical set up. A year or so ago, I would've been pissed if a film like Transformers went day-and-date. But now I, along with practically everyone I know, welcome such a change. Heck, imagine how many kick ass Transformers parties would've occurred across the country. Everyone chips in five or ten bucks and you get to watch the film with your friends, in a comfortable seat, in an environment where you know the guy next to you won't bring his two year-old baby and an attitude problem.

Instead of checking out an advanced critics screening of Transformers, I decided to pony up some cash and see it along with the rest of the country after it officially opened in theaters. And since my friends and I wanted a decent seat, we played it safe and arrived two hours prior to the show. Two freaking hours. And guess what -- there was already a line. So not only did I pay around 20 bucks (for a ticket, soda and popcorn), but I had to stand in a pen for two hours before I was allowed into the theater. Oh, and then as the previous screening let out, the guy next to me insisted upon asking everyone what they thought of the film -- "What was your favorite part," he asked one dude. Thanks, it's bad enough I have to stand here for two hours in a crowd, but now I get to have the movie ruined for me too. And all it cost was twenty dollars! Sweet!

Four and a half hours later, I practically crawled out of the theater -- waited fifteen minutes to use the bathroom, while listening to some guy yell into his cellphone "That sh*t was a thousand times better than 300!!!" -- and smelled worse than I did after Woodstock '99. I find it funny how in this day and age, where "waiting times" have decreased significantly for practically everything, it's getting worse and worse at the local theater.

So, I ask you: How long did you wait to see Transformers? And would you have been more inclined to either join or throw a party at home if the film arrived on TV as well as theaters?

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