Us poor humans are prey all over the place. Last year, In the real world, we suffered freak stingray attacks. This year, on the fictional front, we started off with some abysmal lion Prey on DVD, and now there is some new people hunting down under... also called Prey. The Aussie horror flick seems to be borrowing from the Blair Witch, according to their MySpace page. In the 80's, two North Americans went out on some 4WDs into the desert and disappeared, although their vehicles and supplies were found untouched. A few years later, the men were both found dead back in North America. They'd died of natural causes on the same day, 1000 miles apart. "Twenty years after the original incident," three couples who go to the same desert and get picked off one by one as "preconceived assumptions about friendship, undiscovered sexual liaisons, and false leadership come apart." You'd think movie characters would learn by now that sexy behavior and remote locales just don't mix.

The movie stars Aussie pop singer and former Neighbours star Natalie Bassingthwaighte and Jesse Johnson, whose name might not ring any bells unless you know that he's the 20-something offspring of looking for a Heartbeat, Miami Vice heartthrob Don Johnson. The Sydney Morning Herald now has an image from the film, as well as some other details. You can click on the pic to the right to see it in all of its glory: "Bassingthwaighte plays a medic who gets caught up in a mysterious and somewhat violent episode involving American tourists in outback Australia." According to an insider: "Even her medical skills won't save them when the group confront the supernatural evil in the desert." I would sure hope not. It'd be a pretty boring movie if she followed the killer(s) around, patching up every victim and saving their lives. And, is it just me, or is she hiding something behind those eyes?
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