There aren't enough words in my vocabulary to describe how much I love Michael Cera. Granted, he's nowhere near being the next George Clooney, but no one plays "dopey" better than this kid. Our pals at Moviefone have just released a brand new R-rated clip from the upcoming comedy Superbad, starring Cera and Jonah Hill. Picture Freaks and Geeks if it were R-rated and lasted enough seasons for the geeks to be graduating high school. Although the clip itself is fairly tame (with the exception of a few sh*ts, naked ass slapping, underage drinking and vomiting), it's technically R-rated which means you do need to be over 18 to view it. Yes, that also means you will need to add your name, birthdate and zip code before watching. Additionally, a urine sample is optional, but not required.

In the aforementioned scene, Cera is chatting up one of his female classmates in the school hallway. When she asks him whether he will attend a big party the following weekend, he goes into this whole diatribe about how he has to see whether he has anything else planned -- because there's always "tons of crazy sh*t happening." "Like what?" she asks. It's at that point the clip earns its R-rated status; as Cera begins to describe the super cool time he had the previous weekend -- dressing it up so that it sounds fun -- we flash to the stuff that actually took place, including computer porn watching, beer drinking and a number of other ridiculous activities. From the looks of it, Superbad appears to be the kind of comedy Accepted should've been. Don't get me wrong, I liked Accepted -- but when they opted for the PG-13 rating, they subsequently lost the opportunity to include a ton of raunchy humor. Although Judd Apatow did not direct Superbad, he did produce -- not to mention a majority of his clan of merry misfits all show up in one way, shape or form. Is it wrong for me to anticipate this flick more than The Simpsons Movie? Because I really think that's where I'm heading. Superbad hits theaters on August 17.

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