Warner Bros. is developing a new adaptation of David Morrell's novel The Brotherhood of the Rose, which was previously made into a TV miniseries back in 1989. The book tells the story of twin brothers two orphans adopted by the CIA who are raised as perfect assassins and then are themselves hunted by the CIA. I don't remember the NBC version -- if I heard the title back then I probably mistook it for The Name of the Rose -- but I'm now pretty interested. It stars a young David Morse and an old Robert Mitchum, and Morrell is the author of the novel-turned-Rambo-franchise First Blood. Unfortunately, it is only available on VHS, and though I could order it online, I'd rather rent it -- something that isn't an easy option in my neck of the woods anymore. Maybe as the new movie gets closer to arriving in theaters, someone will realize it's a good idea to get the old one onto DVD.

The new project seems to be a hopeful substitute for Universal's similar Bourne movies once that franchise (likely) ends with this summer's The Bourne Ultimatum. It may even try too hard and be an obvious copycat, but if Warners gets a decent duo to play the twins and a quality action director, it shouldn't matter if we feel we've seen it all before. Action thrillers about spies who find out they're being targeted are a very, very old concept, and they never really get tired. Basil Iwanyk, who is producing Brotherhood, is even planning a remake of Spies Like Us, which is in many ways a comedic take on the Bourne/Brotherhood/etc. premise. Once again, it's another unnecessary remake, and it won't have anything as funny as the original's "Doctor, Doctor" scene, but I love any movie involving spies (real or fictional), so I'll probably guiltily see it. That reminds me, when the heck are we going to get the long promised Spy vs. Spy movie?

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