It was written and announced as a movie back in 2004, but for some reason Aaron Sorkin'sThe Farnsworth Inventionnever made it to the big screen. Instead it premiered this year as a stage play, and following a popular run out in California, it is now coming to Broadway. So, could it again be optioned as a movie? That is what Hollywood Elsewhere is speculating. And the site thinks Steven Spielberg may be the one to return the script to Hollywood. Back in March, Varietyreported that Steven Spielberg would be potentially aiding in the play's transition to the Big Apple, though only as a limited partner. Then, last month when the Broadway run was confirmed, Varietyonly mentioned that Spielberg was expected to be a part of its producing team. Unfortunately, I can't find anywhere that it says the filmmaker is definitely involved.

The Farnsworth Invention tells the story of Philo Farnsworth, who invented the first electronic television then had to fight RCA president David Sarnoff over its patent. Despite the familiar David vs. Goliath premise, the play is supposedly really good. Sorkin, who is better known these days for his television work (The West Wing; Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), was last on Broadway with A Few Good Men, which he also adapted into a movie, which starred Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson. Although Sorkin may have felt The Farnsworth Invention was more appropriately told on the stage, I can't imagine why he wouldn't also try to make more money from the story by letting it be made into a film. Regardless of how common-sounding the play's premise is, though, it could be ruined for the screen by the very similar Flash of Genius, an upcoming movie that focuses on the inventor of the intermittent windshield wiper.

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