Look, it's Steve Carell ... and he's stuck in a phone booth. Still stuck. Still stuck. Part of me waits for a long-haired Keanu Reeves to show up and go, "Dude, you just open it like this." But no. He's still stuck. And ... the bit is over. Phew. The first teaser for Get Smart has arrived on MSN (of all places), and includes a few quick scenes of Steve Carell doing stupid things in a tuxedo. Strike that, he does attempt to throw something at the dude from Borat (looking exactly like the dude from Borat), but this time he's in a suit. But then he's back in a tux fumbling with a bunch of beads. We're also presented with a few quick (and I mean, quick) glimpses of Anne Hathaway running, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson smiling and Alan Arkin walking. Get Smart comes out next summer ... and I can hardly wait.

But perhaps I'm being a bit cynical here; after all it is early and it is one heckuva hot day here in New York City. Based on the popular 60's television series, Get Smart is sort of like The Pink Panther, but American. The film follows the bumbling Maxwell Smart, aka Agent 86 (Carell), and his much more competent partner, Agent 99 (Hathaway), who both work for an agency named CONTROL that frequently does battle with the evil forces of KAOS. Arkin will play the Chief of CONTROL, while The Rock takes on the role of Agent 23. Terrence Stamp also shows up as Siegfried, KAOS agent and enemy of Smart. The good news is that Carell seems perfect for the role, and I'm sure he'll deliver more than a few laughs. And until we get our hands on something a bit more substantial, I'll do my best to reserve judgment. Seeing them release the first trailer almost a year before the film comes out means there's definitely more heading our way in the coming months. Get Smart is set to stumble into theaters on June 20, 2008.