If you've always wanted to see a group of ninja elves beat the crap out of Vince Vaughn, you're in luck -- the first theatrical trailer for Fred Claus has just arrived online. And all that fake snow on the ground left me wishing this current humidity attack on NYC would just go away. I type, and I sweat. It's crazy. We recently shared four new teaser posters for Fred Claus (one of which is featured over there to the right), and Jessica wasn't so crazy about the cutesy air-brushed Vince Vaughn vibe to them. Well, the trailer is a tad better. Directed by David Dobkin (The Wedding Crashers), don't expect a slew of raunchy Christmas jokes here. Based on this preview, it looks like they're going right after the kids with a bunch of generic North Pole antics, a slew of midget jokes (half of which were probably already used in Elf) and the story of a family relationship gone sour.

That said, I'm a sucker for Vince Vaughn (even though I feel he continues to play the exact same character in every movie), as well as a sucker for inventive Christmas tales. Just looking at Santa and hearing Paul Giamatti's voice immediately brought a smile to my face. Kevin Spacey also shows up as the business man who's looking to put the kibosh on Christmas (there's always one of those somewhere), Kathy Bates seems to be playing Santa's mom, Miranda Richardson as Mrs. Claus and Elizabeth Banks as the hottie assistant. Hmm, I wonder if she and Fred will eventually wind up together? Oh, and Rachel Weisz is somehow sandwiched in there too, along with everyone's favorite Hollywood whore, Ludacris (don't even get me started on how much I despise that man and his cheesy "Look at me, I'm an awesome actor now" tactics). Bah humbug. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think; Fred Claus will sprinkle Christmas cheer on theaters everywhere beginning November 9.