We've already been treated to some tasty Lindsay Lohan video from her upcoming horror filmI Know Who Killed Me, and now IGN has officially turned up the heat -- providing a few more photos for all you horny boys to feast upon. In the flick, Lohan plays a stripper (but not the kind who really takes her clothes off, unfortunately), and based on these newly-released pole dancing shots, she certainly looks the part. I imagine only the Joker wears more red lipstick than this chick. Along with these two stripper pics, IGN also has a bunch more which show Lohan hiding from a potential attacker, as well as flaunting a nifty red coat. Half of them evoke a sexy, creepy vibe, while the others could easily be included in a Macy's Fall Attire catalog.

Due to hit theaters July 27, I Know Who Killed Me follows the story of a girl who's abducted and tortured by a serial killer. (Yup, we're covering lots of new ground with this one, folks.) Except, when she finally manages to escape, she claims to be someone else and says that the girl everyone has been looking for is still in danger. So far, all we've gotten as far as marketing goes are a poster, a weird video blog (hosted by the fictional abductor) and a trailer (that I completely missed before spotting it on Moviefone while writing this post). I'm not sure whether Lohan will be doing press for the film or if it will conflict with her rehab time, but let's hope I Know Who Killed Me provides a different, more psychological spin on the crop of female torture flicks currently invading our local theaters.

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