Apparently the Val Kilmer-led indie Conspiracyis done shooting, but The Hollywood Reporter is only now reporting that Jennifer Esposito (Crash) is co-starring in the drama as Kilmer's love interest (the IMDb does have her listed in the cast, though not prominently). These kinds of late announcements can happen with independent films, which don't often get a lot of exposure or interest from the press. Even Variety's recent article on New Mexico's Film Investment Program, which spotlighted Conspiracy, didn't have any word about the actress' involvement. According to THR, Esposito plays a single mother and former abused wife who falls for Kilmer's wounded Iraq War veteran, who has just arrived in town. The main plot of the film involves Kilmer's search for an old friend who is not only missing, but who seems to have been wiped from the memories of the townspeople.

In the end we probably find out that Kilmer's friend was kidnapped by aliens, because that seems to be one of Hollywood's favorite surprise endings these days. But this isn't a Hollywood movie, so I think we can be hopeful that it will be more interesting than that. Despite the stupid title and the unremarkable writer-director, Adam Marcus (Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday), this could be another decent little film, since Kilmer is typically enjoyable in any indie he stars in. Reportedly, the actor, who owns a ranch in New Mexico, agreed to star in the pic if it was shot in the state. The film's story actually takes place in Arizona. Conspiracy will probably hit some film festivals early next year and then get a limited release.

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