There's a long-term project called Invisíveis, Os that looks like it's one step closer to a real release. There's been word on the film on international sites for a few years, and now IMDb says that the movie is currently in production, and should be released in Brazil in 2008. Unfortunately, my local tri-linguist is out of reach, and I'm at the mercy of the whims of Google Translate for this background, so please bear with me. The project comes from an idea by TV presenter Sérgio Groisman, and features one hell of an international line-up of directors contributing shorts -- Guy Maddin (Brand Upon the Brain!), Fernando E. Solanas (La Nube), Polish actor/writer/director Jerzy Stuhr, Leon Cakoff (Welcome to São Paulo), Golden Globe winner and 97-year-old director Manoel de Oliveira and Brazilian director Evaldo Mocarzel.

Some of the projects have already been screened elsewhere. The shorts include Morcarzel's 14-minute film, The Invisible Master, which features Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, and another by de Oliveira that features two friends trying to communicate on cell phones. As for the others, I imagine that they're currently filming. Over on the Brand blogs, there's an interview up with Maddin that says he's working on a new TV doc about Winnipeg, his Canadian hometown, but there's no word about his short for this film collection -- either he's already filmed it, he doesn't want to talk about it or perhaps he's going to offer one of his previous shorts. If you haven't seen any of his, go here, where you can see some of his more recent, wacky and wonderful endeavors. Hopefully we'll have more word on the whole project soon. 2008 isn't too far away.

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