Have you ever flown to another country and pretended to be someone that you're not? No, of course not, but Nicole Kidman is about to in the film Monte Carlo, from writersTom Bezucha and Maria Maggenti. The film is about three school teachers who tire of living on the lower rungs of the economic ladder and decide to pose as upper class ladies during a trip to Monte Carlo. An 'adventure of a lifetime' type of situation then follows, of course.

The film is an adaptation of the novel Headhunters, by Jules Bass, and Kidman will not only star, but produce as well, through her Apartment 3B shingle. The script is expected to stay rather close to the book aside from where the women come from and minus one woman from the original cast of characters. In the book, the women end up falling in love with their male equivalents -- wealthy imposters. Whether this twist makes it into the script's final draft isn't known, but expect a complicated love story in any case.

Tom Bezucha has also come on board to direct the romcom; you'll remember that he wrote and directed this past winter's The Family Stone -- an amazing family story that is both funny and heart wrenching. The ending almost made me cry as much as Terms of Endearment. Monte Carlo is, of course, still in the script development phase at this point, with Bezucha having apparently just turned in the first draft. As for Kidman, we recently forwarded on to you some pictures of what she's up to right now -- filming scenes on the high seas for Australia.

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