What I like most about Paul Haggis is how he can bring together a bunch of actors -- some truly loved and others who you might question -- and make a really solid movie. Matt Dillon was swimming in a sea of questionable thrillers and goofy comedies before Crash, Sandra Bullock had her romcoms and c'mon -- Tony Danza? It almost seems like Haggis was chatting with someone, saying that he could pull the good out of anyone. I can only imagine that someone then said: "Okay, you've got Sandy down from Speed 2, but what about Jason Patric?" Well, if you had any doubts about him or the rest of the cast for Haggis' latest, In the Valley of Elah, I don't think you have to worry any longer.

MSN has put up the first trailer for the real-life-inspired drama, which is about an Army vet (Tommy Lee Jones) whose son disappears after returning from Iraq. It's a pretty somber, but intriguing trailer that starts off with his son's worried voice, some fuzzy images and then the dreaded call to Tommy -- his son is missing. All the big players are shown -- Jones, Sarandon, Theron, Patric, Brolin and Franco. As much as I love Josh Brolin in Grindhouse, it's nice to see him get some serious drama, and I can only hope he gets more juicy roles after this, and even better -- James Franco isn't channeling any Osborne whineyness. The trailer's got tanks, darkness, ominous shots, chases with pounding music and those typical pesky military cover-ups. Of course, it's also got some war commentary on Iraq, but that's to be expected considering the themes in Crash. Now, if you head over there to catch it, you might want to avoid reading MSN's description to the right. It's pretty revealing -- more-so than the information we've sharedin thepast, or the trailer itself.