Less than six months have passed since Kentucky Derby winner Barbaro was euthanized, and he's already headed to the big screen. Peter Berg, the man behind Very Bad Things and Friday Night Lights, is going to helm and produce a feature adaptation of Gone Like the Wind -- his cousin Buzz Bissinger's Vanity Fair article about the many attempts to keep the horse alive. Talk about depressing premises -- a movie about the struggle to keep a horse alive, and ultimately failing. I can't wait to see how they plan to spin it to make the inevitable end more bearable. This marks the second time Berg will bring his cousin's writing to the big screen -- Buzz wrote the article that Lights was based on, so that bodes well for the film. The director already has a few projects on his plate, however, so I imagine it will be a while before we see what he makes of it.

These days, If there is any horse story that people well beyond the world of thoroughbred racing would know -- it's Barbaro's. Last year, he was an undefeated horse heading into the Kentucky Derby. He won the race with ease, won the hearts of horse fans and headed to the Preakness Stakes as the big favorite. After a false start, Barbaro was led back to the gate, the race began, and he quickly shattered his right hind leg. That's serious but manageable for humans, but it's pretty deathly for horses. For a while, however, it seemed as if he might make it -- there were a number of surgeries and things seemed to be going well. Then serious complications arose in January of this year, and Barbaro was euthanized. The end. As great as the advances in horse care are, accomplishments that let him fight as long as he did, I really don't see how they can provide enough to keep moviegoers from diving for the razor blades.
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