So what happens when one of the most successful stand-up comedians-turned-television stars can't seem to find a satisfying follow-up project to the hit show Seinfeld? Well, he turns to Plan Bee -- as in, Bee Movie. Yes, after disappearing for awhile, Jerry Seinfeld returns to share a funny story (or two) with us -- but this time he's animated, and it's up on the big screen. Co-written, produced by and starring Seinfeld, Bee Movie tells of a nosy bee who travels outside the hive, hooks up with a friendly human (voiced by Renée Zellweger) and happens to discover that humans have been stealing all the bee's honey to fulfill their own selfish stomach-growling needs. So what does a bee do? He sues.

Our pals over at Moviefone have just released the brand new trailer for Bee Movie (in glorious HD, mind you), and unlike the previous trailers, this one attempts to give us a little bit more on plot. I still can't help but laugh every time I hear Seinfeld attempt to raise his voice -- it almost sounds like a 13 year-old trying to break through puberty. But I dig the guy, I dig his humor and I'm really looking forward to his first big-screen animated effort. Seinfeld is very picky about the projects he gets involved with post-TV stardom, and so I'd like to think there's something special here. So far, the visuals look great and I love the marketing campaign (including those original live-action trailers and Seinfeld hanging by a crane in full bee costume during the Cannes Film Festival). And hey, how can you not love a film that includes a hysterical Ray Liotta reference (check out the trailer to see what I mean). Bee Movie is set to buzz into theaters on November 2.

UPDATE: The new Bee Movie trailer is now live after we experienced some minor difficulties in getting it to you before. So check it out, and enjoy!