There are a lot of indicators that can make one feel old -- usually things like birthdays, gray hairs and creaking bones. But man, I feel like I just aged a few extra years. Word has hit Variety that George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion (the great play that later become the musical My Fair Lady) is once again hitting Broadway -- twenty years after it was last staged with Peter O'Toole and Amanda Plummer at the Rialto. That means it's been two decades since my young self trekked with my family to go see Alan Swann in person. Wow. While I did it once, I really don't think I'll be making the journey this time.

Claire Danes has been cast as Eliza Doolittle, while Tony award winner Jefferson Mays will play Henry Higgins. I like the actress and all, especially her old-school work, but these guys really don't have the same punch that the previous incarnation had. In 1987, there was a wow to the production -- it was one of those things you felt lucky to see. This...well, it just seems like any old theatrical run in New York City -- some big-name cinematic celebrities taking a break from the camera, and solid theater actors to round out the cast. However, if Danes and Mays are your cup of tea, the production goes into previews at the AmericanAirlines Theater on September 21, and then opens on October 18. If that's too long to wait for a little Danes, her upcoming flick Stardust opens in a month.
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