Hold onto your seats for the shocker of the century -- Disney has purchased a romantic comedy spec for Jennifer Klein to produce through 3B -- one that is about a woman struggling with her love life. How's that for a unique, gender-bending, modern premise? There surely aren't enough of them out there already. I know that I, for one, am sick to death of all these female-centric stories that are free from romance, save for some extremely functional relationships. It's old, and it's tired. This is like the holy grail, glowing in the Python sky. Or maybe not.

The spec in question is Six Month Curse, and it's the creation of writer Julie Golden. The story is about a bride who was cursed when she was born -- dooming her to relationships that only last six months. Now, being the marrying age, I would imagine that she'd figure that out before she got hitched, but why add logic into the world of romcoms? Naturally, she must save her marriage, so she heads to the Brazilian rain forest to end the curse. There's a travel motto for the country: "Cursed women -- come to Brazil -- we will fix you!" The course of true love never did run smooth, and the woman ends up falling for her river guide during her journey. Will this be Sandra Bullock's next romance? Or, will they look for someone younger and go with Katherine Heigl, who is quickly becoming the new face of romantic comedy?
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