The recent trailer release gave us plenty of reasons to geek out over the promise of The Golden Compass, New Line Cinema's winter tentpole and hopeful torchbearer in the franchise department: The talking polar bear, the emergence of another young talent named Dakota, Daniel Craig's reunion with fallen Bond babe Eva Green, Daniel Craig's (post-Invasion) reunion with Nicole Kidman... Now we have some pretty artwork to feast our eyes upon, along with four character posters that are essentially puzzle pieces enlarged from the key art. Not that we mind: Check out the shoulders on Kidman! Salty. Green's poster gives us a nice view, too, of the scenic parallel universe. I suppose the ladies will dig on Mr. Craig's Wright brother-in-the-wilderness look as well. And yeah, the kid on the bear's cute and all. Safe to say this one's already shaping up to appease all ages... (Click on the images for larger versions.)

The Golden Compass

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