I'm not a guy who goes out of his way to see a horror flick (never been a hardcore fan of the genre), and so for me to announce that one of my favorite films of last year was a horror -- well, that's saying a whole lot about the film in question. As much as us movie bloggersthrew tons of love toward Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, it still wasn't enough to get audiences to open up their wallets ($69 grand on 72 screens throughout a 17-day run) during its limited release this past spring. I'm not sure how well it's doing on DVD, but let me take this time to encourage you to please rent or buy this sucker -- it's a fantastic little gem that will feel so refreshing after the ugly "torture porn" flicks we've been subjected to over the past few months.

Part comedy, part old school slasher pic, Leslie Vernon felt like an indie version of Scream -- except, I actually liked it better. The brainchild of two guys who grew up addicted to horror (Scott Glosserman and David J. Stieve), there's now talk that a sequel might be in the works. In an interview with Stieve over at IconsofFright, he says they know exactly where they want to take the Vernon character next. However, it all depends on whether someone will be there to finance another horrific adventure. In fact, his exact words were: "There are a lot of what-ifs, and things have to happen right in this business for that to ever come to fruition, but certainly if there's going to be another horror movie coming from me, my biggest impulse, of course, is to relate what happens to Leslie next."

Stieve adds that, if there is a sequel, they would create one utilizing all the necessary horror sequel ingredients. "There's specific conventions involved with every killer that comes back. How the town reacts, who the people are that survive, and who fills what role coming around again ... so there are all these very specific genre expectations for a sequel that are ripe for the picking ...," he says. If you're a fan of Leslie Vernon, definitely check out this interview as it's packed with tons of info on the film, the writing process, the production and, of course, the potential sequel. And if you're looking for a fantastic way to celebrate this upcoming Friday, the 13th -- might I suggest renting Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

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