It seems unusual that Dimension Films is only now releasing a poster to promote All the Boys Love Mandy Lane ... less than two weeks before the indie horror movie's July 20 theatrical release. Most marketing plans for mainstream films these days include multiple teaser posters before the final one-sheet is released. Mandy Lane sounds like an entertaining movie: James Rocchi reviewed the movie at Toronto International Film Festival last year and called it "the best modern slasher film since Scream." Dimension Films, the Weinsteins' genre-film company, bought the distribution rights during the festival, where the film generated a lot of positive buzz. Perhaps the recent decline in box-office for horror films has Dimension wary, or perhaps they've been jumpy since their unsuccessful U.S. release of Grindhouse.

The poster itself doesn't hide from the fact that All the Boys Love Mandy Lane is a horror film, perhaps with a slight twist of dark humor. I like the limited color palette and the fiery look of the background color. I hope that in the actual printed poster, the "D" in "Dying" doesn't look so much like an "L," though, because it confused me at first glimpse. The focus is on the sultry, shadowy image of Amber Heard in the title role, as a high-school girl whose weekend getaway with a group of friends turns into nightmarish horror. The film, directed by Jonathan Levine, was shot around Austin and includes a cameo from musician Robert Earl Keen, so although I'm not a big horror-movie fan I may check it out when it hits local theaters. Keep an eye out next week for a Cinematical interview by James Rocchi with Mandy Lane's screenwriter, Jacob Forman.
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