We knew the 'Captivity' party would be controversial, but who knew it could affect the horror flick's rating? According to the FishbowlLA blog on mediabistro.com, the MPAA actually threatened to pull the movie's R-rating because of some exterior decor at a West Hollywood club called Privilege, where the party was being held Tuesday night. Remember those tasteless billboards that already got the movie into trouble with the MPAA? Well, someone thought it was a good idea to drape the same offensive images outside the club. Apparently After Dark Films' Courtney Solomon got a call from the MPAA's Marilyn Gordon; afterward the images were removed and placed around the interior of the party instead. Solomon told FishbowlLA that he expected to hear again from the MPAA in the morning.

You'd think that after all the mess 'Captivity'got into with the MPAA over its billboards, Solomon would have known better. Of course, who would have thought the MPAA had jurisdiction over party decorations, even if they are in public view? I despise everything about the MPAA as well as everything about Captivity (except the actual movie, which I haven't seen), so I can't completely choose a side here. I also don't know how big or how visible the images were from the street. I don't think they included the film's title, so they might not have fit into the category of advertisement, and therefore shouldn't have been a concern for the MPAA. If I had my way, the MPAA and 'Captivity'would just battle it out until they destroyed each other, and then we wouldn't have to hear about either one ever again. Unless the MPAA does something drastic, 'Captivity'is set to open in theaters Friday the 13th.