Over to the right you can check out the fancy new poster for Kevin Bacon's latest movie, Death Sentence. It's been a while since we've told you about the revenge thriller. In September, Scott Weinberg posted that Brian Garfield's book would be adapted into a feature directed by Saw helmer James Wan, and would star the famous side of Bacon. In October, John Goodman signed on to play a drug boss, of all things. Now the film has wrapped, and is set to be released at the end of next month. Sentence is about a man who witnesses the murder of his oldest son, and goes on an elaborate quest of revenge as a result -- kind of like the other upcoming revenge flick -- The Brave One.

Now, I'm trying to get into this movie, but I'm just not buying into the premise and star. Although I actually enjoy a lot of Kevin's work, he's got that rough, harsh edge to him these days, and it'll take a lot to convince me that he's the "mild-mannered executive" that 20th Century Fox says he is. What always intrigues me about stories where good people seek revenge is just how out of character the action is, and considering the film company's description of the man, we're on the same page. Looking at this poster, Bacon seems like the perfect vengeful guy, not the one you'd never expect. I've heard soft, caring and far-from-violent fathers spout tough words about what they'd do if someone ever messed with their family, but it's no trouble at all to imagine the HollowWoodsman doing it. However, at the very least we should get some pretty creepy revenge scenarios that allow us to live vicariously and wipe our annoyances away.
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