Last week, Ryan speculated that Bryan Singer might be tackling too much and not allowing himself time for a Superman sequel. Well, Superfans rejoice. Singer's gonna do it all. The acclaimed director recently met with Kevin Spacey in New York and confirmed that he is preparing to pitch "Part II" to Warner Brothers. Michael Dougherty is currently writing the screenplay. Dougherty co-wrote SupermanReturns, as well as Singer's X2. Singer expects to start filming the sequel after he finishes Valkyrie and The Mayor of Castro Street. Valkyrie is the true-life story about a plot to assassinate Hitler, starring Tom Cruise. Castro Street will be a biopic of gay rights crusader Harvey Milk. So with all this going on, when can we expect more cape n' tights action? Singer is aiming for a 2009 release for the film, which is tentatively titled Superman: Man of Steel. Allow me to suggest an alternate: The Return of Superman Returns.

Spacey intends to shoot his Lex Luthor scenes in a six-week block, as he did for the original movie. He also just joined the cast of Telstar, currently filming in London, which tells the story of 1960s record mogul Joe Meek (played by Con O'Neill). Meek was the "gay, tone deaf songwriter-producer who produced hits including 'Have I the Right,' 'Just Like Eddie,' 'Johnny, Remember Me' and the instrumental 'Telstar.'" Spacey will play Meek's financier, Major Banks. Spacey has been taking on a lot of stage work lately as well-- he just finished work in Moon for the Misbegotten on Broadway, and he will appear in David Mamet's Speed the Plow in April. Spacey's theater love has led to persistent rumors that he will retire from film acting, but he insists that's not the case. "My priorities have changed," says Spacey. "Theater is the No. 1 thing in my life. But I love movies and will continue to make movies when I can." He adds, "In no way did I use the word retirement. Someone else pulled that out of thin air. It's false, there's not a lick of truth to it."
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