When I posted about Brett Ratner grabbing the reigns of the Hugh Hefner biopic, I asked who should play the famous Playboy founder. The suggestions were: Ryan Reynolds, Edward Norton, Joaquin Phoenix, Thomas Haden Church and Aaron Eckhart. The one name that didn't come up, and never even occurred to me -- Leonardo DiCaprio. According to The Guardian, The Departed star, who is a long-term Hef friend and supposedly frequent visitor at the Playboy mansion, is in talks to take on the role. They report that buzz is brewing that an unnamed source has said: "Leo thinks it would make a great movie and Hugh would love Leo to do it -- on the condition that Hugh is alive to see it."

It's not official, so this could very well be a bunch of malarkey, but it's an interesting notion. DiCaprio has already taken on one racy, iconic figure, albeit a much more instable one, playing Howard Hughes for The Aviator. Age-wise, he can hit a lot more of the younger days than some of the other possibilities, but it all comes down to how well he can pull of Hef's shtick. Not every man can put on a saucy robe, chew on a pipe and make it look natural. I imagine that will be one of the film's big obstacles -- having someone embody Mr. Hefner, take on all of the man's quirky style, and still make it seem like Hef himself, and not a caricature. Could DiCaprio do it? After his portrayal of Hughes, I'm inclined to think he could.
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