The fresh news from across the Atlantic today is the line-up announcement for the 61st Edinburgh International Film Festival, which begins next month. According to The Guardian, the fest was described at today's press conference as "a journey from dark obsession through to airy romance -- with a number of whip-lashing detours in-between." It starts with the premiere of David Mackenzie's voyeuristic stalker film Hallam Foe -- starring Jamie Bell and Sophia Myles. That's a pretty good opening bang -- Bell has got some great work under his belt, from his dancing Billy Elliot to his gun-loving Dear Wendy. When the festival wraps on August 26, it will be with Two Days in Paris, the Julie Delpy film that Erik Davis raved about in February.

In between is a mixture of old-news, big-name movies and interesting indie flavor. On the mainstream side of things, there's Ratatouille, Death Proof, A Mighty Heart and Knocked Up -- nothing new or particularly "oooh"-worthy since they've all hit theaters over here already. On the indie side of things, the pot is a little sweeter. There's Béla Tarr's The Man From London, starring Tilda Swinton, Andre Techine's film about AIDS in the 80's called The Witnesses, the interesting Selma Blair/Stellan Skårsgard film Waz, And When Did You Last See Your Father?, Anand Tucker's latest film about a son's memories of his dying father and Anton Corbjin's profile of Joy Division singer Ian Curtis -- Control. Topping off those more-intriguing morsels, there will be a rare UK appearance by John Waters, a retrospective on Anita Loos and interviews with directors like Stephen Frears. All in all -- it seems like a decent collection of films to suit any taste -- whether you like 70's post-punk tunes, a stoner who ensnares a cute and successful chica or some bloody death sadly free of Planet Terror.
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