Here's the new poster for The Comebacks, Fox Atomic's ragtag football comedy starring David Koechner (the sportscaster from Anchorman) and Carl Weathers (Rocky; Happy Gilmore), directed by Tom Brady (The Hot Chick) and written by sitcom vets Joey Gutierrez and Ed Yeager. To view the poster bigger, click on the image above. It reminds me of a few movies. One is Necessary Roughness. Like that movie, The Comebacks features a girl who plays football (Noureen DeWulf). That definitely isn't her in the poster, though. It looks more like Kathy Ireland, who appears in that forgettable football film from 1991.

The poster also reminds me of Committed. Back when I worked for a Manhattan art house, we were asked to take down the Committed poster from the wall of the managers' office because it could potentially cause a sexual harrassment suit. Nevermind that the poster had already been in public view inside and outside the theater. I have a feeling that this poster for The Comebacks would be even worse for the workplace. I can't even imagine it being displayed in most multiplexes. It isn't too lewd, but it's always good to play it safe these days.

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