When debates arise about just how good the current sea of movies and blockbusters are, money matters always come into play. "Such-and-such film made a bajillion dollars at the box office, and fifteen trillion people went to see it, so it has to be good!" The other aspect that sometimes steps up to the plate -- how do each of these movies pan out if pitted against each other, taking inflation into account? Box Office Mojo has a list of Domestic Grosses, adjusted for the inflation of ticket prices over the years, and it includes a few of this years big movies -- Spider-Man 3 and Shrek the Third (highlighted in yellow). You know what? They're nowhere near the top.

The site adjusted ticket prices for all movies to be the estimated 2007 average of $6.58, and then whipped up a list of the top 100 grossing films, listing titles, studio, adjusted gross, unadjusted gross and the year of release. From this year's two that I mentioned above -- Spidey is ranked number 87, and Shrek is 94. What's up at the top? Gone with the Wind, of course. The film's unadjusted gross was $198,676,459, but with the inflation adjustment it's a whopping $1,329,453,600. Yes, that's over a billion bucks. The rest of the top five -- Star Wars, The Sound of Music, E.T. and The Ten Commandments. Sure, there's more to consider in this argument, but it's pretty interesting to see how gross numbers play out when ticket prices are the same. Thoughts?