Talk about a tease! Lucasfilm has released the second official video clip from the set of Indiana Jones 4 and not surprisingly, it is very short. What is shocking, though, is that it does actually include a clip from a scene in the movie. (If you are one of the people still trying to go into the movie with virgin eyes and ears, don't continue reading and don't watch the clip.) Around the middle of the video, we see a quick glimpse of Harrison Ford in front of a camera. Then, we see what the camera sees: a captured Indiana being escorted by some bad guys. Or maybe they aren't bad guys -- it is hard to tell with an Indiana Jones movie that doesn't have Nazis. The armed, uniformed guys dragging Indiana away could be U.S. military. Actually that is what they most seem to be, though I can't quite make out the patches on their jackets. I think we may have already even seen one of them in the first official Lucasfilm video clip. An educated guess would be that this is a scene where Indy is being removed from Area 51.

The video, labeled 'Indy Arrives,' begins with a good set up to show the return of Indiana Jones. First we see multiple pre-dirtied fedoras, then we see the leather jacket. Finally, there's the whip. Later, following the clip from the movie, we see Ford buddying around with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas (who is wearing a cartoon Han Solo shirt). And that's it. Of course, the video is better than any of those shaky unofficial videos we've seen. But as much as I appreciate something coming directly from Lucasfilm, I kinda wish I hadn't seen anything at all. Now I crave more. Yes, I'm the one who told you about this potential spoiler, and this potential spoiler, because obviously I'm addicted, and obviously I like torturing myself. So far has two videos up, this new one and the earlier one showing a celebration of the first day of shooting. Hopefully it will be a regular thing, and I won't have to be so strung out from my Indymania.

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