No doubt BCI/Navarre planned their Welcome to the Grindhouse line of DVD's assuming that Tarantino and Rodriguez's Grindhouse was going to be at least marginally successful. Sadly, that wasn't the case, but this series of disks still gives modern audiences a look at some schlocky exploitation fun from the 70s and 80s. BCI/Navarre has gotten hold of several films from Crown International, one of the bigger distributors from the hey day of the grindhouse/drive-in phenomenon, and is releasing them as double features peppered with vintage trailers. Viewers have the option of playing the features separately or choosing "Start The Grindhouse Experience" to play the entire double feature with trailers at the beginning and intermission.

The first feature is 1974's The Teacher, a trashy but entertaining look at a young man's coming of age. Grindhouse flicks were of course known for placing sensationalism above artistic merit, and The Teacher achieves that by featuring former child star Jay North (Dennis the Menace) in several R-rated sex scenes. Sean Roberts (North) and his friend Lou discover a cache of items belonging to Lou's brother Ralph (veteran character actor Anthony James) and stored in an abandoned warehouse.

The odd collection of guns, knives and diving gear doesn't interest our young heroes nearly as much as Ralph's binoculars which they use to spy on their teacher Diane Marshall (Angel Tompkins) who is sunbathing nearby. Ralph interrupts the two budding peeping toms, startling Lou so badly that he falls to his death from a high catwalk. Ralph is an unhinged Vietnam vet ("they should have kept him in that V.A. hospital," says Sean's mother) and in his eyes Sean has murdered his brother.
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