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Meantime, here's what's been going on over at Cinematical Indie lately:

  • Taiwanese filmmaker Edward Yang passed away at the age of 59. Film journalists from all over wrote tributes to this filmmaker, who's work was vastly under-appreciated by American audiences. This weekend, why not rent Yang's most well-known film, Yi-yi, which won the director Best Director at Cannes in 2000. Yang never completed another feature; he was diagnosed with colon cancer shortly after winning at Cannes. Maybe now his work will finally be more well-known here in America.
  • If you're looking for more DVDs to fill up your weekend movie-watching, Peter Martin (who, as you may have noticed, recently joined the team here at Cinematical Indie) has a solid roundup of the latest indie flicks coming out on DVD.
  • Fans of the Matt Dillon-starrer Factotum, based on the book by Charles Bukowski, will be glad to know that director Bent Hamer has a new film in the works in his native Norway. The film, called O'Horten, is about a train engine driver named Odd Horten (played by Bård Owe), and it's likely to hit the fest circuit next year.
  • Actor/environmentalist/friend-of-Al-Gore Leonardo DiCaprio has been busy promoting the film The Eleventh Hour, which he produced and also narrates. Leo showed up doing the intro for the film's trailer, which is up on the official MySpace page for the film.
  • If you've wondered lately what former talk-show host Phil Donahue's been up to (and hey, who hasn't?) you'll be thrilled to your toes to know that he's directing a documentary about Iraq (there just haven't been enough of those lately, have there?) This one, titled Body of War, does take a different angle -- Donahue criticizes not just the Republicans on the war issue, but goes after the Dems, too.
  • Also: New details about Young Victoria, Michael Moore takes on Wolf Blitzer and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Once Upon a Time in Seoulpromises some action, and the Edinburgh Film Fest announces its lineup.