With the release of the latest Harry Potter flick finally upon us, the end of the series is in sight and Warner Bros. is going to be short one fantasy franchise. The most likely candidate to replace the Potter magic is the upcoming family film, The Golden Compass. But there are also still plenty of projects on the way for fantasy fans that like their stories with a little more menace. Variety reports that John Moore, who directed the somewhat "flaccid" Omen remake back in 2006, optioned the feature rights to the fantasy novel The Book of Lost Things. Lost Things was written by Irish novelist John Connolly, and the story focuses on a young boy who is dealing with the loss of his mother and hides himself away in an attic with a book of legends. He becomes drawn into a fantasy world that eventually starts to creep in on reality.

When read the synopsis for the book, I couldn't help but notice that it sounded a little familiar; namely, The Neverending Story,but after looking at a few reviews, I realized that this one might not be for the kiddies at all. Lost Things has been described as a "dark fantasy" due to the heavy subject matter of a child dealing with the loss of a parent, and Connelly has made a name for himself writing a series of crime thrillers, so he has plenty of experience when it comes to subject matter that is a little more grim. The timing for the project probably couldn't be better, though, since fantasy fans have gotten a taste for the more adult approach in films like Pan's Labyrinth. There is no word of a studio yet, but with Potter and the gang nearing the end of their box-office stay, it shouldn't take long before a deal is struck.
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