CarsWith Toy Story 3coming to theaters in 2010, I keep wondering why Pixar didn't plan sequels to any of its other hits. I guess we kinda got a follow-up to Monsters, Inc., but I'd love to see another whole feature with Sulley and Mike. I'd also like to see a full-length return of The Incredibles. If I had to choose, though, I'd much rather see new, original stories like the wonderful Ratatouille. And I most certainly would never, ever ask for a sequel to Cars. Unfortunately, I wasn't asked, and even if I had been, my answer wouldn't have mattered. Pixar would just go on ahead and make Cars 2. It isn't official, but someone informed the JV Pixar News blog that the sequel would be Pixar's next movie after Toy Story 3. JV has been following the story for a little while; back in June, the blog reportedCars 2 would come as early as 2009 and that a Cars short would be shown with next summer's Wall * E(apparently all these rumors/info originated from statements made by Paul Newman at this year's Indianapolis 500).

Cars was the first Pixar movie to really bore me. Hearing that it will be continued in a sequel is extremely disappointing, because I hate to miss anything the studio puts out. I'd probably eventually force myself to watch it -- maybe it could be an improvement -- but it would take a long, long time. I'd even rather see Finding Nemo 2, despite the fact that I didn't love the first movie (I liked it a whole lot more than Cars, though, that is for sure). Nemo would even make more sense to me as the movie to do a follow-up to. It made the most money of any Pixar movie and I believe it is more popular and more critically revered than Cars. Even The Incredibles made more than Cars. So, I don't get it; why would Disney be most interested in that one? It didn't even win the Oscar, for goodness sakes. In my opinion, it was something of a failure for both Disney and Pixar.

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